Say “no” to painful sex

No, we are not talking about first timers here. There are ladies who actually experience painful sex in the later stages of their life because of their dry vagina. Sound familiar? Child birth, menopause and many other such conditions contribute to the problem and this is why most women lose their sex drive too.

You and your partner are all ready for some fun. It starts with fondling, caressing, cuddling and then both of your swing into action. As soon as the moment comes by, your body fails to obey you and instead of gaining pleasure out of the whole experience you sit up straight screaming in pain. Even with all the foreplay, your vagina remains completely dry and does not allow you to enjoy the time. ProSolution Gel

  • Why women face such a problem

Well a woman has to go through a lot. From bearing a child to bleeding every month, a lady’s body is strong enough to go through such situations but because of the hormonal imbalances caused by these factors, you may end up facing such a problem. estrogen is female sex hormone which is responsible for all the things from making a lady naughty, flirty to giving birth to a baby.

When the levels of sex hormone in the body fluctuate, women start feeling changes in them self. Usually a drop in the levels of estrogen causes a woman to lose her sex drive and end up with a dry vagina which makes enjoying sex completely impossible. If you have recently gone through the process of child birth or menopause, then a dry vagina is definitely the most common you will face in the time.

  • Finding some quick solutions

Finding a way to lubricate the vagina for enjoyable sex is not easy. You have to keep yourself healthy from the inside to ensure that the vagina keeps on producing its natural lubricant and you can have some fun. Here are some tips that can help women like you in lubricating their vagina:

  1. Foreplay is the key to good sex

Kiss and explore each other’s body as much as you can. Feel his breath and his pumping heart, get close to one another and indulge yourself into the moment. A woman needs to be felt from closely and loved before reaching the climax. Foreplay is one of the best ways to get your lady all wet so that sex becomes fun for her. As you, feel the heat of the moment and get your hormone levels spiking so that your natural lubrication allows you to have some fun.

  1. Try some gels

If your body still plans on disobeying you, try HerSolution gel next time to make sex easy for you. Inexpensive and easy to use, this great formula has been made from natural ingredients that not only aim at lubricating the vagina but is very gentle on your skin.

If you are losing your libido just because down there the situation is dryer than the Sahara desert than HerSolution gel is the best way to water it. Simply apply some on the inside of the vaginal walls and let it absorb to see the magic happening.  The ingredients in the gel increase the levels of estrogen so that more blood flows to your clitoris. This will help your body in producing the natural vaginal lubricant and you’ll be able to experience intense orgasms and this time scream in pleasure.

  1. Give up bad habits

Yes, women too these days take pride in smoking and drinking. Going to parties and having a single glass of alcohol, for them it does no harm at all. But when this becomes an addiction, you start developing side effects as well and experiencing a dry vagina is one of them.

Because these bad habits cut off the supply to the clitoris and your genitals, you lose your natural lubrication and drive to enjoy some wild sex. Replacing unhealthy eating habits and giving up on your addictions can be helpful in a lot of ways. It will not only enhance your drive to enjoy some alone time with your partner but will also make your experience enormous orgasms that you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from screaming with satisfaction.

  • The final verdict

With a vagina so dry, sex can actually become painful and this is becoming a much more common problem for ladies these days. HerSolution gel has been especially designed for ladies who have lost their taste for wild sex just because their vagina does not allow so. Within the use of a few weeks, you’ll be able to come back with a bang and be able to surprise your partner with some great sex moves. Let nothing stop you from enjoying each other’s bodies.